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Spiritually Integrated Counseling

Therapists and spirituality haven't always gotten along well. 

Maybe you felt like your last therapist rolled their eyes when you mentioned God. Maybe you are looking for someone who gets your soul, not just your mind. Or maybe you heard that Freud said that God is just a projection of our fathers and are wondering if all therapists think that. (We don't!)

I've been trained in spiritually integrated care. I'm able to be a nonjudgmental, compassionate presence as you discern questions of purpose, direction, and spirituality. 


Counseling for LGBTQIA+ Pastors and Progressive Clergy


It's okay to need Jesus and a therapist. 

But maybe you need a particular kind of therapist. 

Perhaps you work in the church and need someone who "gets" church life. But you also need someone who is affirming of non-het relationships, or even just someone who gets that you can love Jesus and be progressive.

I'm here to help. 

I'm an ordained minister in The Episcopal Church, a fully affirming denomination committed to sexual, gender, and racial justice. I've served in five different parishes ranging from program size to family size. I know the stresses of church leadership - and the joy that faith can bring. It would be my privilege to support you as a whole person - your leadership, your relationships, and your sacred humanity. 

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