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Hello there! I'm Ben Wyatt, the founder of Illuminated Counseling Services, LLC. I'm passionate about accompanying you along your healing journey. 


I believe that understanding is the most powerful force for healing our distress.  

I believe that every single person is unique, and deserves to be listened to with compassion and curiosity. 

I believe that no problem is as bad as it appears if we can just shed a little light on what's causing it. 

I believe that healing is possible for you. 

Want to learn more about what I do? Read below. 

Why Illuminated Counseling?

When we want to see something more clearly, we shine light on it; in other words, we illuminate it. Life's challenges are easier to manage when we have all the light we need to see them clearly and well. 


But illumination isn't just about understanding. It's about celebration. 

The concept of illumination goes back to the Middle Ages, when writers would decorate their manuscripts with beautiful embellishments and art that highlighted a text’s essential features. (See the image on the left for an example!) I will help you illuminate your life not only by understanding your struggles, but also by highlighting your unique strengths and character. My hope is that through therapy you will find relief, deeper self-understanding, and a renewed joy in your own unique way of life.

Background and Training

I'm a therapy resident with the Incircle residency in Indianapolis. I graduated with my MA in Counseling from Christian Theological Seminary in August 2023. My counseling journey complements more than 8 years of education, training, and service in other helping professions, including parish leadership and hospital chaplaincy.

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